OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.169 Build 456 - Delta

Released: 17-09-2021 10:56 CET


Changes in this build

#0474   Module Digitize 2D: Import from NoXRayCeph is working again, the points will be highlighted in blue

#2484   All 3D modules: Fixed wrong positioning of text elements in 3D views when the Windows display scaling is enabled

#3779   All 3D modules: View Options overhauled for color correction and more setting options

#3832   Mulitple 3D modules: Harmonized shortcut keys for selection of 3D objects (+ - , 11)

#3919   Patient List: Cross-client patient search: Support for High-DPI and Unicode in practice name; search by first name added

#3963   Module OrthoApps: Improved quality of borders in the band parts

#4097   Image viewer: Sorting direction of sessions can be changed via context menu of thumbnails

#4741   Mulitple 3D Modules: Views can be saved as images also in 4 and 6 panel view

#4833   Configuration Manager: Complete INI sections can now be propagated

#4834   Data base: Encryption of the address table can be (de)activated

#5009   Mulitple 3D modules: Modelling of IPR improved for special cases by better approximation of actual crown geometry

#5201   Module Digitize 2D: Growth curve for lateral ceph and hand x-ray can be displayed

#5262   Moduke Segmentation 3D: Module overhauled for simplified handling, faster corrections and more robust computation

#5497   System options: Carestream scanner: For directory names the format YYYYMMDD_hhmmss is also supported

#5630   System options: An interface to Medit Link is now available

#5691   Option Container: Only the projects of the saved findings are transferred

#5720   All 3D modules: Fixed incorrect display of certain text elements when using Windows 10 with the UTF8 code page

#5831   Module Digitize 2D: 2D analyses are correctly displayed in the 3D preview of the Thumnail view

#5915   Module Aligner: Improved virtual trimline initialization

#5924   Export 3D: New options for print preprocessing for coordinate system negative and perforation

#5977   OnyxStat Help entry and OnyxWiki link added

#6012   All 3D modules: new "ViewMirror" mode allows mirroring the active 3D view onto a separate screen

#6102   Module Aligner: Points on the timeline can be pushed together when holding the CTRL key

#6102   Module Aligner: Points on the timeline can be highlighted by different colors

#6175   Module V.T.O.3D, Aligner: Protocols and teeth colorizations can be clicked through holding ctrl key

#6183   System options: The new event "3D Series Export Done" is triggered after exporting a series of 3D data

#6200   Module Aligner: Animation in fullscreen and 3D webviewer show steps with movements

#6206   All 3D modues: Fixed incorrect view direction which could occur in certain cases when aligning the camera view to a clip plane

#6212   Module Ceph3D: Displaying a hint above the point list no longer changes the 3D views

#6032   Module FA_Bonding: New initial bracket placement due to improved measurement direction for incisal distances

#6235   Export 3D: Labeling reworked for more options during serial export; added templates

#6236   CLI: Writing error in PicTypeCode for CAstMixed3D corrected CAM3DD becomes CAM3D

#6254   The new parameter ImageTypeCode is supported

#6258   Module Adjust Image 3D: Improved robustness of repair functions for approximal tunnels

#6274   Modules Add Image: Image source tabs without function are hidden

#6278   OnyxSync tolerates invalid logos in presentation templates

#6286   Module FA_Bonding: Added tracing option for crown middle slices m/d

#6293   Modules V.T.O. 3D, Aligner, Export 3D: Presets and Motion limits can be restricted through OnyxAdmin

#6298   Module Add Image dentaleyepad: Images are not imported multiple times during automatic import if imported source images are hidden

#6302   Modules Digitize: Automatically placed manual landmarks are highlighted by blue needle in point list

#6302   Modules Digitize: Automatic evaluation of lateral cephs via "CellmatiQ - ANALYSE NOW" is available

#6318   OnyxAdmin: Definition of regular expressions possible, which new user passwords must satisfy

#6319   Module Aligner: Simplified the attachment list and added options for new points

#6320   Merge commands: Macro "DTF" implemented for free formatting of date or time

#6323   Module Add Image 3D: PLY files from Bellus 3D Face Scanner can be read in

#6324   All 3D modules: View Options can be saved as presets

#6325   Module V.T.O.3D: Tooth movement can be chosen by percentage for intermediate situations or overcorrection

#6328   Server selection dialog: fixed a bug which prevented saving the standard setting for the server connection

#6335   Module Add Image 3D: DICOM-Import: fixed an error when importing some multipage DICOM files

#6338   Module Bonding Trays: Improved initial tray points positions

#6338   Module FA_Bonding: LineUp available now also for mixed dentitions using space estimation from other side

#6338   Module FA_Bonding: Improved point list visualization and new option for auto-aligning only bracket distance

#6342   Modul V.T.O.3D: New protocol for lower jaw movement

#6345   System options: The new event "Web Export Done" is raised after the export of a WebView

#6345   System options: The new event "Project Saved" is fired after saving a project

#6345   System options: The new event "Image Import Done" is raised after importing an image or 3D dataset

#6345   System options: Depending on the first time the findings were evaluated, %S is replaced with "New" or "Upd" in the "Evaluation Done" event.

#6345   System options: The "Treated Image Saved" event is triggered after saving an modified image (2D/3D) from a module

#6347   OnyxDBSerrver: Result of image indexing is no longer displayed separately but as a summary

#6349   Document tree window remains modal after module call

#6354   Module Approval 3D: Animation can be played and attachments exchanged

#6374   Patient list: Selecting the correct patient when search results are not narrowed down

#6380   Module Add Image 3D: 3D DICOM import: the user can choose between scaled (hounsfild) and unscaled interpretation of the window values

#6384   Installation: Client setup saves the standard setting for server connection also in case of encrypted connections

#6391   OnyxSync: Image/finding count after server synchronization also considers records marked as deleted

#6392   Container Exchange: When loading containers, the contained project is opened even if switched to another client

#6393   OnyxAdmin: Opening Help is working now