OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.185 Build 505 - Kangchendzonga

Released: 11-08-2022 07:20 CET






Changes in this build





Digitize 2D: template adjustments can be applied from previous findings



Unicode support for direct emailing fixed



Segmentation: Added visual hint for modified teeth or contacts



System Options: The placeholders "%V", "%{module:id}" and "%{module:name}" also used in path generation



OnyxQuery: The thumbnail of a finding can be saved as a JPG file in QueryMode=F



OnyxQuery: The original image of a 2D finding can be saved as a TIF, JPG, PNG, J2K or BMP file



OnyxQuery: Unmodified 3D objects can be saved as STL, OBJ, PLY, ZPR, OFF or DXF file



OnyxStat: If the path to load the 3D files directly is configured, the data will be read from there



Add Image 3D: temporary directories used when exporting data from MeditLink are deleted as soon as possible



System Options: options to explicitly set the character sets when communicating with a PACS server added



Add Image 2D/3D: show an error message if loading images from a PACS server fails



System Options: iTero Interface: leading and following spaces are deleted from PatientID, LastName and FirstName



Patient-History: If "All Users" is active, the login is displayed at each entry



Add Image 3D: generate thumbnails also for DICOM studies



Multiple Modules: Increased project name length to 80 characters when Approval option is deselected



Add Image 3D: improved import of volume data sets with very big value ranges



OnyxAdmin: A failed login attempt results in the previous login being logged off



CLI: The synchronisation of the treating doctor no longer differentiates between upper and lower case letters



BiteSplint: Computation speed improved and blockout also computed for opposing jaw



Wire_Bonding: When changing the wire type, the list of handle points is now correct



Waefer: Reworked drag&drop points and colors to be more consistent



Digitize 2D: Contour adjustment also works with filled contours



Print: Cyrillic headers are rendered correctly in the printout



System Options: New placeholders: %{pat:notes}", "%{pat:attributes}", %{img:notes}" und "%{img:attributes}"



System Options: New string macros "POS" (Position) and "CTX" (Contains Text)



System Options: VDDSmedia: The export of 3D data sets as STL,OBJ,PLY,ZPR,OFF or DXF is possible.



System Options: VDDSmedia: OnyxVDDSMMIE now creates thumbnails only when requested by the PVS



OnyxDBServer: Added option to update the patient database file cache when starting the server



Add Image 2D/3D: Fix loading of DICOM files with arbitray unicode characterss in the file or path name



If the patient is already being processed during VDDS transfer, an error message quickly appears



Tab Images: Additional changes to image comments updated also when saving the image again from a module



System Options: Accidental occurrence of placeholders like "%1" or "%M" in patient data no longer causes problems



Tab Letters: Name of the active document is displayed again



Digitize 2D: Landmarks are displayed even if no analysis is active



CO-CR conversion: Vertical fixation is only available when the landmarks DC or Cond are set



OnyxSync no longer terminates after 10 minutes with the message "Error in licence management"



OnyxStat: Analysis results for lateral images "from left" have the correct sig



The creation of presentations no longer terminates in the case of corrupt 2D image files



If the analysis used in the findings comparison is deactivated in the evaluation, an error no longer occurs



Display of practice name is updated on patient change via container/report log



The patient history can be displayed for all clients



PDF-Export: The placeholder %O is being replaced with the name of the document