OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.200 Build 560 - Fermat

Released: 23-06-2023 07:53 CET






Changes in this build




Wire_Bonding: Improved wire and model visualization in printouts


Container import in -Silent=1 mode works without access violation


Multiple 3D modules: shortcuts F2,F3,F5 cycle the view direction when pressed again


Automatic directory creation during patient transfer from third-party program corrected


3D-Image transfer from DÜRR VistaSoft via the command line interface is working now


CLI: fixed an issue where -ActionAfter=PatContainer created an empty container file


Export 3D: Horseshoe trimming and additional cutting line available also without completed crowns


BiteSplint: New option for enlarging/shrinking the tray outline


Access to license and invoice documents can be restricted via the user administration


All 3D modules: stereoscopic effect strength setting also applies to "Epson Moverio" glasses


Latest textured PLY files from Dexis (Carestream) can be read


CellmatiQ: If NormA and NormB are not found, points and normalization length are retained


Aligner: The export of tables as PDF to the archive now works without previewing them first


Containers and reports can be uploaded to SFTP servers (SSH protocol)


Improved error messages for failed FTP transfers


Display of notifications about updates, storage space shortage, outdated operating system versions


Reports with passwords containing language-specific characters can now reliably be opened on systems with different language settings


Image Acquisition 2D/3D: Improved file format detection to prevent erroneously detecting files as DICOM


Silent image transfer: if SessDate is missing, the current date is used


Entries in the container log can be deleted depending on the filter.


CTs and scans can be taken over from RAYFace


Japanese: Incorrect INI entries are deleted when loading the INI


The interface to the IOS scanners from "HeronClinic" is available


Module Cast Adjust: Added additional rounding option for horseshoe base


Modified point order for tracing type "Model 3D permanent" is now retained


The new modules "Smile3D" and "Articulate3D" can be licensed


Patient list: Search queries repeatable when server response time limit is exceeded


3D Export: Fabrication orders automatically created separatly per jaw


Interface to the IOS scanner from Alliedstar is available


Placeholder: New macro URLE converts text to UTF-8 and escapes it for HTTP-URL


Outsource patient data: More options for patient preselection


Module Cast Adjust: The last used Model Base is preselected


Container/Report: Opening the folder where a file was saved is offered


[Ctrl]+[left click] on scroll button of a toolbar scrolls directly to the beginning/end


Aligner: Fixed memory leak when exporting datasets with volume data and negative attachments


OnyxStat: If the variable in the histogram or scatter plot is changed, the view is updated immediately


OnyxSync: Patient list always uses the correct database when changing servers.