OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.90 Build 209 - Carina

Released: 19-10-2017 09:58 CET

Changes in this build

#3783   Alternative file drag & drop to browser enabled (e.g. for invisalign templates)

#4227   OnyxDBServer: Defect log tables automatically deleted to avoid server start problems

#4239   Occlusogram: Delay for havy data sets reduced

#4428   Search in referring doctors and responsible party lists corrected.

#4462   Export 3D: File names for 3D export to Asiga MAX includes patient ID, jaw and aligner step number

#4480   V.T.O.3D: Stripping reactivated for fixed teeth

#4505   V.T.O.3D: Monson arch curve can be controlled in steps by up/down buttons now

#4508   Serial processing of multiple command line and HTTP requests enabled

#4525   PVL: Max. length of point name increased to 50

#4527   Wire_Bonding: Tooth movements corrected for not individualized wires

#4531   OnyxReport: Creation and saving reviewed

#4534   BondingTray: Plain support option for 3D printing added

#4535   Cast Adjust 3D: GUI improved

#4536   Send to | Image Viewer: Deleting images corrected

#4539   Aligner 3D: Shortcuts SHIFT/CTRL+F8 (upper/lower tooth movement limits) and 0 ... 9 (steps) introduced

#4540   Add Image 3D: Scaling corrected for single Carestream DICOM files

#4542   Export 3D and other modules: Label font can be selected and saved

#4545   V.T.O. 3D: Loading of old projects corrected for inclination

#4546   CA-Smart: Visualization for progress scan registration corrected

#4549   V.T.O.3D: Numerical control for Bezier point component Y added

#4551   Top Sequence of program windows improved to avoid hidden modal windows