OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.86 Build 201 - Hydra

Released: 25-09-2017 11:19 CET

Changes in this build

#3429   Module Aligner 3D: Progress scan (Panel Register Step) can be saved in finding by INI entry

#3477   Interfaces: Country/Social Insurance number can be assigned by command line/http request

#3620   Module Retainer: Landmark deletion also by Backspace button on keyboard .

#3694   Module Digitize 3D: Overjet calculation enhanced (automatic placement of antagonist) e.g. for IOTN

#3767   Several 3D Modules: 3D Navigators can be resized by CTRL+mouse wheel

#3937   Module V.T.O.3D: 2D jaw panel updated after reloading projects

#4008   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Help selection reactivated

#4103   Connection Security (SSL/TLS) for E-Mail (SMTP) can be configured

#4154   New space holder %X replaced by server date & time stamp yyyymmddhhnnss

#4211   Module Image Comparison 2D: Drawing tracing after manual adjustments corrected

#4211   Module Image Comparison 2D: Adjusting single tracing reviewed

#4224   Modules Cast Adjust, Waefer: New version for align jaws implemented

#4244   All 3D planning modules: Parallel calculation for colourisation of occlusal distances on 3D crowns

#4289   Module Digitize: Sketch for image type model replaced

#4426   Merge fields: Macro INC introduced to increment a string value

#4247   Module V.T.O.3D: Single teeth can be deactivated in object list now (w/o extraction)

#4248   Patient List: Columns for oldest and latest session date added

#4263   Module TADmatch: Table view added

#4255   Module Aligner 3D: Attachment-Designer now opened from main menu item View

#4259   Module Segmentation: Manipulation of gaps closure improved/simplified

#4270   Recycle Bin: Time out message on emptying rec bin handled

#4280   Module V.T.O.3D: Malocclusion stay hidden on show/hide mandible/maxilla in object list context menu

#4283   Module FA-Bonding: Use of FA landmarks reviewed

#4290   Module Aligner 3D: Tables for tooth movements, stripping etc. modified/enhanced

#4290   Module Aligner 3D: All tables can be pasted to EXCEL including cell formats

#4308   Online Update: Time out for Download increased

#4390   OnyxSync: Parameters for program start verified

#4412   Module Cast Adjust: Size of thumbnail content corrected

#4405   Print: Metric for 100% print templates adjusted/corrected

#4415   Interfaces: OnyxCeph Start does not longer require ~PatDat.ini

#4419   Client-/Patient-Table: Option for automatic adjustment of column widths added

#4428   Tab Patient: Referring doctor can be assigned by command line/http request

#4432   Module Add Image 2D/3D: Original image file name marked by tag "Source=" to be read in macro "VAL"

#4440   Module V.T.O.3D: Lower jaw displacement reviewed. Linked now to the arch button in lower jaw panel

#4441   3D-Export: Space holder %E added.

#4450   Several 3D Module: New 3D navigator available, Selection by icon button modified

#4450   Module Aligner 3D: Improved attachment manipulation by 3D navigator,

#4460   Alternative QuickSupport Apps (TeamViewer) can be added by patches

#4476   Module V.T.O.3D: [Fit to Mandible] now supports all Angle classes

#4477   Module Add Image 3D: Window for adjusting ROI and grey values reviewed (GUI)

#4480   Module V.T.O.3D: Crown movement panel updated / harmonised with Aligner 3D

#4481   Module V.T.O.3D: Launching module and several internal calculation steps accelerated

#4484   Module Aligner 3D: Navigators adjusted. Taking over goals from V.T.O.3D improved

#4486   Full screen 2D: Use of image processing tools reviewed

#4488   Module Add Image 2D: Check of image size deactivated

#4498   Module Digitize 3D: Onyx Cast Analyses: Space discrepancy compensation on Monson curve modified

#4499   Module V.T.O.3D: Undo (STRG+Z) reviewed

#4503   Module Digitize 3D: Graphical display of Overjet calculation added for several 3D model analyses (e.g. IOTN)

#4511   System configuration: StartModulMode updated in VDDS_MMI.INI file

#4512   Module Image Adjust 3D  Manual repair: 3D:region marker (globe) not activated before dragging