OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.83 Build 194 - Corvi

Released: 20-07-2017 09:27 CET

Changes in this build

#3470   Hidden Options for Print OPreProcessing extended  (Hollowing. Punching)

#4072   OnyxReport: 3D objects displayed in initial position

#4263   Module TADmatch: Table OrthoLox completed

#4283   Module FA_Bonding: Rule sets for calculation bonding heights added

#4283   Module FA_Bonding: Bonding height measurement and calculation adjusted überarbeitet

#4291   Module FA_Bonding, Wire_Bonding: Bracket animation can be stopped by doubleclick into preview window

#4345   Module Adjust Image 3D: Interaction for region selection in panel Manual Scanrepair reviewed/improved

#4351   Module FA_Bonding: New shortcuts for bracket selection/navigation added - see OnyxWiki

#4363   Print/Presentation: Optionale display for contact point displacement activated

#4391   All 3D modules: Ico button [90° Rotation] now also available for multi panel views

#4392   Module Adjust 3D: Step width 0,1° for jaw rotation added  

#4405   Module Retainer 3D: Printing implemented in retainer plane

#4406   Module Add Image: Source panel shows date and time stamp for image files

#4410   Send to | Email Directory: ZIP attachments can be protected by optional password

#4411   Send to | Report Directory: Upload single images to FTP (Report folder) implemented

#4422   Module FA_Bonding: Initial Position (OnyxCeph³™ rule set) reactivated

#4425   Main Window: Desktop-Position recreated on restart

#4426   Module Aligner 3D: Optional parameters for serial export extended

#4431   Module Aligner 3D: Single tooth position/alignment can now be copied between steps

#4431   Module Aligner 3D, V.T.O.3D: Visibility of distance values crown navigator improved

#4432   Module Add Image: File name optionally assigned as findings comment

#4438   Module Ricketts V.T.O: Buffer overflow for morphing lateral photo fixed