OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.80 Build 187 - Libra

Released: 24-05-2017 12:58 CET

Changes in this build

#0006   Function Print Menu: Print forms can be saved in archive in PDF format if 'DoroPDFWriter' drivers are installed

#0007   Module Digitize 2D: Tooth templates can be copied from other finding

#3084   Module Wire_Bondig 3D: Print form for wire templates improved

#3423   OnyxServer: If missing, session types "User1" and "User2" added for secondary clients on server re-start

#3470   Export 3D: Hidden option Hollowing added

#3770   Module Add Image 2D: Error message for DICOM previews disabled

#4049   Module Wire_Bonding: Option "Wire Bending" added to create 3D finishing wires

#4129   OnyxServer: Overnight re-start option per default deactivated

#4181   Modules Add Image 2D / Digitize 2D: Import for Carestream tracings optimized

#4218   OnyxReport: CD burning process optimized

#4245   New space holders: "%U" for user name and "%W" for workstation

#4251   OnyxAdmin: Permissions for saving projects added

#4253   Container Exchange: Container import and export via HTTP request enabled

#4296   Export 3D: Clip planes disabled if corresponding panel is collapsed

#4297   Module Add Image 2D: 16bit TIFF image import w/o parameter window allowed

#4304   OnyxSync: Saved projects included in synchronisation        

#4322   Module BondingTrays 3D: Several tray parameters added

#4333   Module Sim3D: Extended measuring options

#4325   Several 3D-Modules: 3D guidelines: exact metric position possible by CTRL on guideline creation

#4326   Main Tab |Forms|: HTML templates saved in unicode format by default

#4331   Print: Printing full screen tables adjusted to page format

#4334   Module Aligner 3D: Step switching bug for progress refinement fixed

#4337   Function Send to | Findings Transfer corrected for ID with special characters

#4338   Print-/Presentation editor: Multiple print object selection supported for copy and paste

#4342   Display presentation list adjusted

#4350   Module Add Image 2D: Memory leak for cropping large images fixed