OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.78 Build 176 - Orion

Released: 17-03-2017 10:14 CET

Changes in this build

#0017   Module Digitize 2D: Tooth templates can be taken over identically from other tracings of the same patient

#0039   Module Digitize 2D: Flood filling enabled for tooth templates

#3023   Module Segmentation: Gap correction extended for missing teeth

#3359   Patch Import: Update bracket list after patch import corrected

#3399   VDDS Interface: Transfer analysis results to SoftDent corrected

#3470   OnyxPrePrint:        Hidden option to cave 3D objects

#3642   Export 3D: Fabrication orders: Re-meshing quality can be changed in case of errors

#3678   Export 3D: Volume calculation updated after clipping and inserting support

#3741   Module Segmentation, Aligner, V.T.O.3D: Gingiva simulation lower jaw improved

#3774   All 3D Modules: New default shader for new installations

#3819   Warning (Client) in case of critical HD memory for database, pictures and temp folder

#3883   VDDS Interface communication: Protocol extended

#3941   Module Add Image 3D: ZirkonZahn: Identification upper/lower jaw reviewed

#3966   Module Retainer 3D: CAD-Export improved

#3986   Module Aligner 3D: Attachment list modified: separate point list per step

#4008   OnyxCeph: Help can be opened by menu and shortcut F1

#4009   Thumbnail focus kept when leaving module Digitize

#4055   Module Image Adjust 3D: Step widths saved

#4072   OnyxReport: Workflow for Onyxreport to CD reviewed

#4082   Modules V.T.O3D, Aligner 3D: Input of negative tooth limitation values prevented

#4096   Full screen: Playing animation adjusted

#4149   Command line interface: Language and temp folder added to command line parameters

#4177   Calculation of inclination values reviewed

#4179   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Single jaw scans can be manually adjusted to base tray

#4191   OnyxCeph: Error information extended when loading images in file blobs

#4193   All Modules: Available projects can optionally be included in clone finding

#4196   Module Aligner 3D: Save as finding: Red colors for violation of movement limitation ignored

#4200   Module Add Image 3D: Access violation avoided for corrupt SOP scan files

#4203   Tab Presentation: Renaming galleries and gallery templates re-activated

#4204   Module Add Image 3D: Handling for occlusion correction restored

#4205   Module Add Image 3D: Multiple PLY version support for CS 3600

#4211   Module Image Comparison 2D: Option [True to scale] adjusted]

#4214   Module Digitize 3D: Bug fix for landmarks on clip planes

#4218   OnyxCeph: All Modules 3D: Landmarks displayed in 3D view window

#4223   3D Labels: Stability increased for overlapping characters

#4224   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Landmarks 13mE|43H resp. 23mE|33H used for jaw alignment

#4232   Modules Add Image 2D, 3D: Date/Time filtering implemented for preview panel

#4234   Export 3D: Fabrication orders: 3D medical print added to service provider list

#4235   Patient list: Bugfix for thumbnail on patient list

#4237   Export 3D: Fabrication orders: Column Patienten-ID and Aligner-step number added to basket

#4240   Module Add Image 2D: removed drives handled

#4242   Print/Presentation editor: 3D views in printouts/slides corrected

#4252   Module Sim 3D added

#4257   Modules FA_Bonding, Wire_Bonding: Auto adjust improved

#4258   Full screen 3D: Button [SPACE] to activated single frame display in video streams

#4259   Module Segmentation: Detection of gaps improved

#4272   Module Add Image 3D: SOP file import fixed for unicode file names

#4273   Module FA-Bonding: Use of single jaws supported

#4274   Possibility to open inactive modules removed

#4275   Window sequence (tooth movement table) evaluated correctly

#4276   PAR Background image adjusted to PAR2 analysis

#4281   Module Aligner 3D: Crown navigator adapted for multi selected teeth

#4291   Preview for brackets and attachments auto rotating

#4292   Parameter Attributes added for finding objects in print/presentation templates