OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.73 Build 164 - Vaduz

Released: 14-12-2016 14:43 CET

Changes in this build

#1284   OnyxCeph: Patient attributes included to patient data synchronisation

#2777   OnyxCeph: Patient markers included to patient data synchronisation

#3938   Update Client List and program launch accelerated by parallelization

#3965   Module Retainer 3D: Labels (flags) allowed on 3D objects

#4008   OnyxRegister: Extension [Support, Wiki] on help icon added for several modules

#4013   Tab Presentation: Load/Display Presentation optimized

#4076   OnyxReport: Email message corrected

#4115   All 2D- and 3D-Views: Option 100% (metric correct) display on desktop added

#4129   OnyxDBServer: License error on server restart removed

#4128   Full screen: Double click on multiple views reactivated

#4130   Module Digitize 3D: PAR2/IOTN2 templates adapted

#4131   OnyxReport: 3D views supported

#4132   Module Adjust Image 3D: Step widths for relative jaw movements saved/restored

#4134   Export eD: STL export upper+lower enabled for 3D Pro version

#4135   Print editor: Parameter for crown color (limits) implemented

#4136   OnyxCeph: Modified home client data saved in database

#4137   Export 3D: Support material can be removed by check box deactivation

#4139   INI Option create container from filtered patient list

#4146   Module Aligner 3D: New step creation by short cut F9

#4147   Module Aligner 3D: Tooth movements enabled also in case of missed landmarks

#4149   OnyxReport: Language and temp extraction folder can be handed over by command line

#4152   Module Adjust Image 2D: Session date display in multi image templates corrected

#4153   Module BondingTrays 3D: Snug fit of brackets improved for trays with large thickness

#4155   OnyxCeph: Option to label full screen images when printed

#4156   OnyxCeph: Movie speed controlled by animation speed

#4157   OnyxDBServer: Qualified error message for interrupted server connection

#4162   OnyxCeph: Merge filed %T added for image comments

#4162   OnyxCeph: Merge field %M added for patient comments( 1st line); Macro "VAL" reads comment value

#4163   OnyxCeph: Creation and display container import/export protocol reviewed

#4164   Several modules: Additional query on Load/Save projects and bracket groups

#4165   Module Add Image 3D: Base contour only displayed for image type model 3D

#4166   Module Segmentation: Display and control of auto landmarks enabled