OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.66 Build 147 - Helsinki

Released: 12-09-2016 14:50 CET

Changes in this build

#3152   Module Digitize 3D: Uno digitizing landmarks by CTRL+Z activated

#3869   Module BondingTrays: Parameter height added for alternativ bracket box

#3909   Module Aligner 3D: Crown selection by context menu extended

#3935   Module V.T.O.3D: Panel upper/lower: no context menu over status bar

#3977   Module Add Image 3D: jaw sequence iTero files *_l.stl und *_u.stl automatically selected

#3996   Module Digitize 2D: Grid option available now (right click right lower corner)

#4013   Tab Presentation: LLoading images to presentation improved

#4017   Module Aligner 3D: Action "compensate collisions" accepted as manual control

#4026   Dictionary: Translation "OK_Jaw" and "UK" synchronized for all supported languages

#4028   Interface: Job number can be assigned as image comment directly by command line interface

#4033   Several 3D modules: Drag&drop of landmarks improved (new shader required)

#4034   Module Digitize 3D: Error "Bad PicType" for 3D mixed analyses fixed

#4036   Module Image Import 2D/3D: Access violation while switching patients fixed

#4039   Tab Images 3D: Drag&Drop from 3D View panel supports mew rendering (if activated)

#4040   Print-/Presentation editor: Tooth movement table extended by lines for total inclination and angulation