OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.63 Build 142 - Amsterdam

Released: 01-08-2016 14:31 CET

Changes in this build

#3366   All 3D-Modules: Calculation of surface piercing landmarks optimized

#3801   All 3D Modules: Display of high transparent objects improved

#3848   VDDS-Interface: Multiple call PatDat handler on patient data transfer avoided

#3886   Several 3D-Modules: Display of findings comparison results corrected

#3896   Module Add Image 3D: Multi interface OpenTechDental scanners activated

#3969   Module Add Image 2D/3D: CS Imaging V.7 support for data base and VDDS

#3970   Module Add Image 3D: Image type information evaluated on import

#3971   OnyxDBServer: databas table "Ethnic Group" corrected for old clients

#3975   OnyxCeph Tab Patient: patient notes are displayed again

#3979   OnyxCeph Local INI Profile: INI parameter FirstTab=value evaluated on open patient