OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.55 Build 116 - Madrid

Released: 26-05-2016 14:13 CET

Changes in this build

#3080   Module Aligner 3D: [Save as finding] activated for treatment goal (e.g., required for saving animations)

#3251   Presentation: Size adjusted when printing slides

#3440   Module Segmentation: Tooth library reviewed for better tooth completion

#3551   OnyxReport: Transfer via Onyx Online server activated

#3670   Module V.T.O.3D: Reset corrected for projects loaded from media tree

#3671   OnyxSync: Date filtering activated for patient list

#3798   Module V.T.O.3D: Step Fit-to-mandible improved

#3813   eLearning: HTTP parameters accept dashes

#3842   Modules Aligner 3D, V.T.O.3D, CA-Smart: tooth protocal w/o memory leaks                

#3844   Module Add Image 3D: Support for *.caxd file format added

#3848   VDDS: BROADCAST message replaced by TDirectoryMonitor

#3848   VDDSPatI: Unicode names supported

#3849   Several Modules 3D: Occlusogram corrected for segmented models

#3855   OnyxDBServer: New session type "user 1" and "user 2" created on container import

#3856   VDDS: Image import via VDDS reviewed

#3857   webViewer: Access violation on upload removed

#3859   System options: Option "render version" added in 3D settings

#3860   Module Ricketts VTO: Is1u placed 1mm in front of A-Pog line (for treatment goal)

#3860   Module Ricketts VTO: Mandibula movement allowed (to simulate Herbst appliances)

#3864   Visibility of text on tab |letters| doublechecked