OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.46 Build 95 - Budapest

Released: 04-03-2016 14:17 CET

Changes in this build

#1879   OnyxCeph: Image-/patient data can be read via DICOM from PACS

#2475   Systemoptions: Proxy server configuration for downloads added

#2513   Modules Aligner 3D/V.T.O.3D: Avoid collision algorithm added in context menu [Move Crowns]

#2730   Additional wildcard: Additional Patient ID = %C

#2730   Additional wild card: Social Insurance Number = %D

#3456   Module BracketAdapt: Option support construction for 3D printing added

#3485   Module Add Image 2D: Import from digital cameras (DCIM) via folder icon reactivated

#3630   Module Kylix 3D: Construction: automatic distance calculation for special cases reviewed

#3653   OnyxCeph: Color coding of thumbnails provided to allow additional case classification

#3684   VDDS: Implementation reviewed and OnyxVDDSPatI improved by manifest

#3685   OnyxVDDSView reviewed for 2D and 3D images

#3686   Module Add Image 2D/3D: Import of files w/o file (DICOM) enabled

#3687   OnyxReport: switching to multi panel views corrected

#3689   Module Aligner3D: ASR values single steps controlled; taking over result values enabled

#3695   Module Digitize 2D: Calliper measurements corrected for program version 3.2

#3702   Print: Print template 'Standard' corrected for 3D findings

#3709   Module Adjust Image 3D: Base silhouette displayed for alignment orientation

#3715   OnyxCeph: Import of analyses from Version 2.7 reactivated

#3716   Module Add Image 3D: Flipping inner/outer surface only applied to selected objects

#3717   OnyxCeph Trial: VDDS patient data import corrected regarding different practice ID

#3724   OnyxCeph System Options: DBSWin interface clipboard function adjusted to new DBSWin version

#3728   OnyxCeph System Options: Gallery sequence in pull down adjusted to defined list sequence

#3729   Module Ricketts V.T.O.: Profil images display reactivated

#3730   Module Adjust Image 2D: Predefined Image properties fit to width/height reactivated for gallery templates

#3732   Module Aligner 3D: Sub panel [Move Crowns] can now be collapsed

#3733   Modules Aligner 3D/V.T.O.3D: Distance measurement crown-crown (incl. strip values) improved