OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.180 Build 492 - K2

Released: 30-05-2022 12:23 CET






Changes in this build





Print: fixed an issue where 3D models appeared to bright if only OpenGL 1.1 is available



Export 3D: Invalid characters can be processed better in labeling (e.g. bold for only-regular fonts)



CLI: With -ActionAfter=PatContainer a patient can be stored in a container



CLI: Silent mode is supported for container import with -ContainerFile=



Mutliple modules: Missing attachments or brackets can be searched online



TADmatch: Improved robustness and computation speed of scanbody registration



New placeholders %{img:seriesname}, %{img:seriesdate} and %{img:seriesnote} available



Aligner: Tooth sequence changed in staging protocol for better consistency (for lower jaw)



Add Image 3D: MeditLink integration improved



OnyxView: One horizontal and one vertical auxiliary line can be displayed



Bracket library: Brackets can only be archived in the bracket library, no longer in the bracket selection



All 3D modules: fixed an issue where under certain conditions a 3D view could not be activated by a mouse click



OnyxCeph: Duplication of patient IDs containing umlauts is avoided



Backup: Tables custom3d, bracket and ortholox added to internal DB backup



Add Image 2D: New image file formats supported: HEIF/HEIC, 16Bit TIFF



System Options|Events: [Project Saved] now also supports "%{module:id}" and "%{event:name}".



System Options|Event: Event [Project Saved] now also supports %{project:id} and %{project:name}.



System Options|Events: In event [WebExportDone], placeholders for the uploaded image are now available.



TADmatch: Added Tomas Pin, Tomas PI and BENEfit 8, 10 mm



OnyxCeph: Volume Rendering: Maximum Intensity Projection available



TADmatch: Adapted negative in mounting models for better vertical placement



All 3D modules: reduced memory consumption when working with textured 3D models



Bracket library: Filter setting "Attachments" in column "Basic Type" shows also "User Attachments"



Languages: Portuguese available



Aligner, FA_Bonding, Wire_Bonding: Bracket colors are saved now



TADmatch: More robust computation for disadvantageous placements



Image Adjust 3D: Individual base with adjustable and exportable geometry



VDDS: PVS-Call no longer blocks if practice number is also transferred.



Retainer: Selection of different wire profiles



Tab Images: Thumbnail is also mirrored/rotated during dialogless image import if necessary (depending on image type setting)



OnyxCeph: A default answer can now be set for certain queries



VDDS: Error message " Login user" no longer occurs during patient transfer via VDDSmedia



VDDS: Data transfer via VDDS no longer causes an error during login



System Options|Interfaces: Shining interfaces: new Launchers are searched for and started if available



System Options|Interfaces: Shining interfaces: Name and ID of the patient is transferred



Aligner, FA_Bonding: Saved view settings for attachment and bracket navigator



Mutliple modules: Increased undo/redo speed



CLI image acquisition in SilentMode: The sessions can be created or selected.



OnyxAdmin: Handing over login data via the command line is now possible



OnyxCeph: QR code of the patient can be called up from all tabs via shortcut [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Q]



Multiple modules: Expensive computations accelerated by parallel processing



BondingTrays: Optimized tray computation time



VDDS: Automatic image retrieval on VDDS source selection can be switched off



Add Image 3D: Import of CT data from Morita patient CD now possible



All 3D modules: prevent flickering of the 3D views on resize



OnyxDBServer: Dialog for the configuration of the database directories improved



TADmatch: Improved visiblity handling for segmented models



OnyxStat:  Complex variables are re-calculated, if necessary



OnyxStat: Errors logged in a log file without displaying message



Aligner: Attachments can be aligned to a certain height



Add Image 3D: Gendex Multipage DICOMs are mirrored correctly on import



All 3D modules: fixed an issue with incorrect occlusion between the clip plane and the 3D objects which could occur under certain circumstances



VDDS: Containers can now be transferred to the MMOINFIMPORT server of a PVS via VDDSmedia



OnyxQuery: Directory for the results (XML, CSV) is being created if it does not exist



System Options|Interfaces: VIXWIN image transfer via plugin reviewed



OnyxStat: Column headers with umlauts are displayed correctly



OnyxQuery: In -QueryMode=I images marked as deleted are not handed back



CLI: Error message in case a non-existent container is passed to OnyxCeph via CLI



OnyxCeph: New shortcut [ALT]+[PAUSE] to hide user interface and therefore active patent data



Onyxceph: The active patient can be deselected via "-" entry in the patient history