OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.157 Build 438 - Vega

Released: 15-04-2021 12:46 CET


Changes in this build

#4517   Module Aligner: Approval 3D finding with subsequently extracted teeth or changed attachments now usable

#5260   Module Add Image: Deletion of acquired source images of the dentaleyepad optionally possible without confirmation

#5391   Container-Exchange: Creating containers is now more robust for huge databases

#5984   Module Digitize: The checkbox VTO in the analysis selection activates the points of the Rickets VTO

#6009   Module Add Image: Import of 16 bit volume data: Windows are imported correctly from DICOM

#6041   Attachment Desinger: Templates correctly use the given values as total widths and heights

#6069   Module Cast Adjust: Base tray of already segmented findings can be changed afterwards

#6165   Interfaces: External program calls (CLI, HTTP, VDDS, ...) bring OnyxCeph to the foreground.

#6180   3D Export, OrthoApps, BiteSplint, Waefer: Blockout material for undercuts more smooth

#6183   3D Export: Trigger the event "3D export done" only after the preprint processing was finished.

#6189   Module Add Image: DICOM-CT from OP300 (INSTRUMENTARIUM) can be read without error message

#6197   Print Editor: Paramter for overloading of alignment of text for all columns of tables

#6205   Module Bonding Tray: Improved coating for 3M Tubes

#6210   Printout: Problem after changing the form of printout, like empty objects, corrected

#6214   Printout: Images within rounded corners painted with correct background color

#6215   When renaming the patient ID to an ID with the chars *?@:"/<>|, images are not lost

#6216   Module Retainer: Negative softtissue offset allows planning displacements

#6221   Modul Bild hinzufügen: Übergabe von Bildern von BVS an OnyxCeph über VDDSmedia (Stufe 6) funktioniert wieder

#6221   Module Add Image: Handover of images from BVS to OnyxCeph via VDDSmedia (Step 6) works again

#6224   OnyxDBServer: Activation and display of controls in the 'Users' tab of the server dialog corrected

#6227   Fixed possible access violation when saving VDDS settings.

#6232   Querying invalid dates in files releases file access

#6233   Module Adjust Image 3D: Warning for unintentioal realignment of 3D datasets

#6236   Interfaces: For dialogless image import via command line the image type passed with -PicTypeCode? is used

#6238   Tab| Patient|: A progress bar is displayed when modifying the patient ID

#6241   Module Adjust image 3D: A key for a frequently used rotation is available

#6245   OnyxAdmin: System options are no longer available for logins without the "Configure Onyx" privilege

#6247   Module Add Image: Deletion of acquired / selected source images is now only offered for supported image sources

#6255   Patient list: Search filter in Attributes column adjusted

#6256   Tab |Patient|: Error with focus change over empty field "Notes" corrected

#6266   Module Inspect3D: Added option for manual registration of reference objects

#6267   Module CO|CR Conversion: Display of tracing revised

#6268   Module Sim3D|Register: Added function to register tooth model to volume surfaces with variable isovalues