OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.147 Build 409 - Wolf

Released: 29-09-2020 07:48 CET

Changes in this build

#0017   Digitize 2D: Error when importing the tooth length from other findings fixed

#2324   The functionality "Save results|Filemaker" is now available in module Ceph3D

#3783   Images: drag&drop of images to other programs without INI settings implemented

#3798   Third party tools/events: HTTP request method GET is supported

#3979   Default tab of the main window can be set via the tab context menu

#4584   Kylix: Improved quality of constructed geometry for more robust printing

#4692   V.T.O. 3D, Aligner 3D: Previous table selection restored on module start

#4863   Digitize 3D: The last used analysis is saved with the image type

#4820   The changes log of the image record can be displayed in the image properties

#4892   Series: correct the order of slides regarding of multi-sessions of a certain type

#5088   Digitize 3D: Overjet value is updated across different analyses

#5139   Print editor: parameter of visibility for 3D views are correkted for multi views

#5274   TADmatch™: Position correction via Scanbodies available for

#5402   Digitize 2D: Also when no analysis is active, templates are drawn

#5461   If the image file on the server is not modified, this is reported in the image properties

#5526   Email: Addresses with syntax Last, First recognized correct

#5526   Email-Versand über Webserver-Script: Automatische Ergänzung des Absenders im Nachrichtentext

#5718   Print Preprocessing 3D:  Optionally subtract coordinate cross for fixation or resin drainage

#5718   FA Bonding: Added projected angle measurements to finding comparision

#5723   In case of complex requests OnyxQuery informs the OS periodically that it is still active

#5779   Multiple 3D modules: Size of drag drop points and (blue) sphere while dragging optimized

#5782   Export 3D: Configuraton of additional objects correctly stored and updated

#5783   Digitize 3D: After changing a point with floating point value analysis is updated immediately

#5785   User manual is opened via the help dialog

#5805   Image type short name used for the CLI is displayed in the image type properties

#5811   Treatment simulation 2D: Result comparison is updated when the analysis is changed

#5820   CLI: If a file name is passed with -DeleteOnReady=, it will be deleted after it has been read

#5835   Digitize 3D: Reference plane of a variable can be made invisible with "Delete Display"

#5837   Cast Adjust: Improved cutting line initialization for bad boundary in scan

#5866   Onyx Sync: logo pictures used in forms (print, gallery) will transfered

#5868   OnyxReport: Message after changing the size of 3D views corrected

#5869   Approval: Added pen drawing and 3D texts to marker tools

#5870   improved handling of CLI and VDDS jobs when multiple instances of OnyxCeph are started simultaneously

#5876   OnyxClient Uninstall: Uninstalling an Onyx workstation also deletes the VDDS entries

#5877   3D bject libraty: Text in the input field of the full text search is visible after restoration

#5878   3D export: Service provider export with active print pre-processing and alignment corrected

#5884   The double-click event is not triggered when double-clicking right in the 3D-View

#5893   Lines and markers are always visible in the View Options window

#5894   Aligner: Corrected animation for attachments changed during the treatment

#5895   OnyxAdmin: Help button is no longer inactive

#5897   List of dokuments: refresh of the list shows all findings

#5901   Aligner: Improved speed of calculation of dynamic gingiva deformation

#5903   The login for an unknown user with a valid -UserHash is rejected

#5906   Dürr DBSwin interface: the value "Comment/Diagnosis" is being adopted

#5916   The import of STL files (Ascii and binary) has been significantly speeded up

#5916   Large STL files in ASCII format can be loaded

#5919   The interface to the DOF model scanners is available

#5925   Interface to SHINING3D - intraoral scanner (IOS) is available

#5926   OrthoApps: Connector profiles can now be modified per point, improved displacement and rounding

#5929   3D-Views now support multi touch gestures for zoom and pan

#5931   The thumbnails of the image types adapt to the color scheme of the current branding

#5933   Vdds_mmi.ini: In the OnyxCeph³-BVS entry "STAGES" the correct values are written

#5938   Retainer 3D: Standard print form extended

#5941   The focusing of date fields in the Patient tab is no longer recognized as a change

#5947   Live-Backup: With [Backup]->TempDir= in OnyxDBServer.ini the working directory can be changed

#5948   The interface to CADstar "CS Neo" model scanner is available

#5949   Export 3D: Added help icon and OnyxWiki link

#5949   Export 3D: Added warning for incomplete labeling

#5952   Edit Images 2D: style of lines of the free painting optimized

#5955   Ceph3D: When setting a landmark on the cutting plane, a second one is no longer marked

#5974   Client list is updated after a client is deleted. some pins

#5981   In the patient data synchronisation the names of the genders are translated

#5987   Digitize 3D: Points not yet set are correctly colored in the sketch

#5990   Bonding Trays: Removed excess support material from the contact surface in special cases

#5993   Before the printing, the print options dialog with printer selection is now shown