OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.142 Build 392 - Proxima

Released: 10-06-2020 09:11 CET

Changes in this build

#4436   Module Add Image 3D: It is tolerated that they are open in other programs

#4934   All 3D Modules: Expanded object types available for user defined object property presets

#5212   Export 3D: Options of additional obejcts can be configured

#5546   OnyxQuery kann über Gehe zu->OnyxQuery gestartet werden

#5613   Export 3D: Change of print preprocessing parameters is observed again also for service providers

#5620   Module Aligner: New Staging option for fixing teeth; Selection in ext. staging window visible now with teeth colors

#5639   OnyxCeph: Data synchronization: Name of previous patient no longer in caption

#5683   Tab [Online]: Shows OnyxWiki as default page

#5707   Module OrthoApps: Connectors can be twisted

#5710   Module Add Image 2D: Info text of the source list is no longer hidden by column headers

#5727   OnyxQuery: Access violation for exclusive CSV export fixed

#5738   Tab [Patient]: Projects can be sorted by date of change

#5753   Tab [Patient]: Matching patient data: LookUp lists for ZIP code, city, country, title, salutation are only updated when they are displayed.

#5755   Network performance is improved when transmitting large amounts of data

#5761   VDDSmedia Import: If ERRORLEVEL>0, a qualified error message is displayed

#4573   Module V.T.O.3D: Tilted plane added to panel Auxilliary Planes

#5551   Tab [Online]: License information can be retrieved via the [License] key

#5775   System Options: Patch export Media tree includes bitmaps, movies, and 3D objects

#5778   Module OrthoApps: Bands can be subtracted, minimum overall distance of applicance available

#5782   Export 3D: Frontal direction of aligned models improved

#5781   Module Bite Splint: Block elements can be twisted

#5782   Export 3D: 3D Print Adapter can be inserted as additional object

#5783   Module Digitize 3D: Onyx Cast Analysis has a new option for sagitial bow extension

#5789   OnyxStat: After update OnyxCeph starts with default login and default permissions

#5799   Module Bonding Tray: Side of trays with contact surface more smooth for better transparency

#5804   OnyxCeph: Status bar for patient list window reworked

#5805   CLI: Image transfer: The image type can be handed over as Code after -PicTypeCode

#5805   CLI: Image types can be passed with -PicTypeCode in the command line

#5813   OnyxPrePrint: 3D Print Preprocessing: Progress shown on task bar (Windows 7 and up)

#5817   Tab |Präsentation|: Copy Galleries: Function 'Copy View' reactivated

#5818   Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner, Approval: IPR values can be displayed as tracing option

#5819   OnyxPrePrint: 3D Print Preprocessing: Increased robustness of processing models with tiny defects

#5819   Export 3D: New button for additional dataset repair

#5820   CLI and VDDS: jobs are processed in the correct order after program start

#5820   CLI: After processing, an event with the name specified under -EventReady= is raised

#5820   OnyxStat;OnyxQuery: Accelerated loading of analysis and point definitions over slow networks

#5833   CLI: If several messages are transferred, they are processed without confirmation

#5827   Module Cast Adjust: Optimized the geometry of the horse-shoe base

#5829   Module Digitize: After deleting all points the status "traced" is updated

#5837   Module Cast Adjust: Initialize function for cutting line optimized for scanned models

#5839   OnyxConfig: Release download via secure Internet connection (protocol change from HTTP to HTTPS)

#5840   Module BracketErase: Erase multiple brackets at once

#5847   OnyxReport: ID with special characters supported

#5855   All client programs: Server connect dialog can be restored after being minimized or hidden

#5858   Several modules: Error "application has stopped responding" fixed which could appear during longer calculations