OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.126 Build 336 - Pegasus

Released: 12-08-2019 12:01 CET

Changes in this build

#3581   Module Add Image 2D: more robust recognition of QR codes for patient selection

#3963   Module OrthoApps: Module to design orthodontic appliances added

#4384   Module Waefer Creation 3D: Blocking out option more robust and faster now

#4426   Module Aligner 3D: Serial export: Values separated per jaw; step number offset added

#4553   Module V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Movement limitations now used/saved case related, table

#4600   Module V.T.O.3D: Angulation values can be assigned from standard angulation table

#4661   Module V.T.O.3D: User defined tool bar available now

#4664   Headlines: Text color adjusted to background color

#4665   Main Application: Polish GUI translation available

#4732   Module BiteSplint: New module released for multiple tray design

#4837   Presentation: Optional blind copy for printing slides

#4838   Interfaces: VDDS_MMI.INI only modified for changed settings

#5048   Data base: Bracket and attachment sets saved separately

#5130   3D Export: Undercuts can now be blocked out vertically

#5132   Printing: Templates having multiple 3D findings corrected, all findings displayed correctly again

#5201   Module Digitize 2D: Growth curve acc. to Uni Giessen implemented for Hand Xray and lateral ceph

#5238   PDF blind copy provided for 100% print outs

#5260   Module Add Image 2D: Dental Eyepad: New image types supported

#5292   Main Application: Comments sync on patient data adjustment corrected

#5294   Several Modules: Zoom by mouse behaviour corrected

#5311   Module FA-Bonding: Bracket distances in result table corrected

#5325   Main Application: Graphics board memory management improved

#5374   Main Application: OnyxCeph³™ desktop icon can link to defined database server

#5386   Onyx Container: Projects of 2D modules can be used for containers even after findings transfer

#5389   Main Application: 3D tools lib now available

#5398   Main Application: If server connection rejected due to client number limitation, using other server allowed now

#5403   Error on object picking in old rendering path (if multiple objects in a scene) fixed

#5425   Export: 3 options for default export folder naming in case file is already available

#5436   Main window: Message windows stay on top

#5434   Several frames: New icon button to keep OnyxView on top

#5434   OnyxReport: Switching images now only possible by [<] [>] buttons possible

#5439   Main window: Tex scaling on tab |Images| improved

#5452   Main window: NewsFeed button removed on tab |Online| since browser support for RSS no longer available

#5459   Several Modules: New hidden option for gingiva simulation added

#5460   Document archiving on tab |Presentation/Slides|: PDF save option added

#5466   Several Modules: Attribute missing message for system attributed removed

#5467   Several Modules: landmark drag&drop position synchronized for panles of 3D multi panel views

#5474   Several Modules: Displayed coordinates for 3D objects corrected in properties window in print editor

#5475   Main window: Buttons [harmony box] and [facial growth pattern] updated after closing module Digitize

#5476   Module Wire-Bonding: Re-loading projects reviewed

#5477   Main window: For internal PDF generation, now OnyxPDF is exclusively used  

#5479   Main window: 3D object library for user-defined standard objects implemented

#5482   Main window: Import of HTML forms now accepts sub folders in ZIP file

#5486   Container: Container-Emails show sender practice name

#5488   Help-About window: Company address: added

#5493   Main window: Tracings in 3D full screen show lines now

#5495   All 3D-Modules: 3D navigators can switch between object and patient coordinate system

#5496   Data base: On Re-indexing, image files no longer copied in case of missing patient records

#5499   Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner3D, CA-Smart: Display orientation for navigators improved

#5506   Module Digitize: Import of landmark positions into point type pt_Import supported (Pancherz analysis)

#5514   Conversion error on loading smartoptics .SOP files fixed

#5516   Main Application: Default Export folder: Correct path used for Save As dialogs

#5532   Main Application: Image preview updated when changing patient records or image tabs 2D/3D

#5538   Module Wire_Bonding: Bracket positions on malocclusion corrected

#5542   Module Digitize: Initial panel size reduced/adjusted to display sketch and image navigator side by side.

#5547   Save image dialog not displayed twice

#5527   OnyxReport: Visibility of 3D Views corrected on closing Report preview