OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.123 Build 320 - Pixie

Released: 18-04-2019 14:54 CET

Changes in this build

#0039   Module SIM 2D: Closed contours can optionally be filled

#3475   Full screen 3D: Modified object options are kept by animation

#4384   Module Waefer3D: Options for vertical block out added

#4437   Module Segmentation: Mesh quality on gingiva simulation increased

#4452   Module SIM 3D: Dummy button refreshed

#4452   Gender Selection: Gender "Diverse/Intersexual" added

#4594   Print-/Presentation Editor: Adjusting print objects corrected

#4640   ClientSetup: Container file format O3C assigned to OnyxCeph³™ application

#4743   Module Digitize 3D: Display of distance lines corrected

#4759   Tab Patient: Projects displayed by data

#4837   Systemoptions: Configuration for shadow printing available now

#4844   Tab Patient: Option for printing a list of patient images acc. to EU GDPR added

#4965   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Option to find first contact by jaw rotation added

#5060   Print-/Presentation Editor: Page break inserted for long tables

#5116   On Shut Down, Onyx is closed w/o confirmation request

#5129   Module Digitize 3D: For Image types Cast 3D, panel Occlusogram available now

#5172   All 3D Modules: Standard views force camera reset

#5174   OnyxSync: Server search window for 2nd server launches with tab |Connection|

#5211   Module FA_Bonding: Crown-bracket distance values can be exported in CSV format

#5212   Export 3D: Settings can be saved and restored now

#5213   Export 3D: Additional object: Hinge guides (acc. to Hinz PA 200 model base trays)

#5222   Module FA_Bonding: Brackets can be removed by keyboard button [DEL]

#5223   Module Aligner 3D: Tooth movement limitations found for selected crowns

#5236   Module Retainer3D: Undo/Redo extended for retainer landmarks

#5247   Export 3D: Support for 3D printing of transfer trays (IBT) by Dreve

#5249   Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Handling for tooth movement tables eased

#5252   Print-/Presentation Editor: Display of tooth movement tables in slides corrected

#5253   Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Values in tooth movement limitation tables can now be copied and pasted, invalid inputs marked red

#5258   Module Aligner 3D: Update of tooth movements on time line slider movement corrected

#5260   Module Add Image 2D: Image source dentaleyepad® supported (several adjustments by dentaleyepad pending)

#5268   Print Menu: Aktive Übergabe von PDFs an ausgewähltes PVS

#5273   Module Aligner 3D: Minimal step distance in time line decreased to allow more planning stages

#5277   Module Digitize 2D: Landmark guidance lines not displayed if option is deactivated

#5282   Module Add Image 2D: Blue background for mailslot image thumbnails

#5283   Print-/Presentation Editor: Adjusting3D objects corrected

#5294   Mouse wheel behaviour reactivated for Presentation / Adjust Image

#5314   OnyxReport: Message on exit adjusted

#5322   Module Add Image 3D: Import problem for CT data from single files fixed

#5324   Tab Presentation: Export/Printing of multiple slides with ceph results corrected

#5334   Module Aligner 3D: Exchange of initial attachments more consistent now

#5337   Modules Add Image 2D/3D: DICOM interface updated

#5344   Module Segmentation: Selektion of crown center point keeps already applied gingiva curve corrections

#5358   Module Image Comparison 2D: manual modifications of superimposition taken over by separate Angle Society Views