OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.114 Build 298 - Mekong

Released: 19-12-2018 11:50 CET

Changes in this build

#0006   Print: PDF documents can be generated directly by option "OnyxPDF"

#3435   Module Add Image 3D: Option individual headscan alignment (Uni Aachen) activated

#3622   Module CA-Smart: Registration option reviewed

#4182   Tab Images: Thumbnail frame colour in INI deleted if not active

#4384   Module Waefer 3D: Option Block out for better fit bessere matching

#4461   Module Retainer 3D: Pads for retainer repositioning added

#4944   Communication: Message on FTP upload Reports/Containers modified

#4971   Communication: New fiel "Comment" now available in log protocol

#5045   Systemoptions|Interfaces: smart optics scanner: dentalScan.exe supported

#5028   Module Adjust 3D: "Reset view" also resets displacements

#5054   Module Combine 3D: relative Position of voxel box taken over

#5055   System: Location of TWAIN_32.DLL changed (terminal systems)

#5058   Client-Upgrade 3.1 to 3.2 now possible

#5064   Module TADmatch: new Option for grouping single to double screws

#5056   Print: Printing of 3D findings by Onyx Standard template reactivated

#5067   Module V.T.O.3D: Default inclination settings not longer editable

#5068   OnyxReport: Upload option 'Onyx Online' corrected

#5073   Module Add Image 3D: Error message for not installed ODBC driver suppressed

#5074   Option Attachentdesigner: Simplified attachment design types allowed

#5075   Module BondingTrays: Panel Label harmonized

#5076   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Preview base trays also displayed on other tabs

#5077   Module Add Image 3D: Import of O3DM fies reactivated

#5080   Module Aligner 3D: Ruer on time line can be configured by play button context menu

#5087   Module Add Image 3D: SQL request deactivated for mailslot import

#5089   Presentation: Zoom option reactivated for 3D objects

#5090   Module Digitize 2D: Landmark selection in sketch reactivated

#5102   Module WireBonding, Bracket rotation for individualized round wires reviewed

#5106   Presentation: Saving 4 panel view as presentation corrected

#5117   Modules Sim3D Register, TADmatch, Register3D: Superimposition on structures enabled

#5121   Module Add Image 3D: Interface Sidexis 4 Version 4.3 supported

#5122   Presentation: Tracing activated for 3D objects

#5133   Module Sim3D Register: new feature for mandible auto-segmentation

#5135   Module V.T.O.3D: Can be launched with at lease one incisor (frontal or lateral) per quadrant

#5140   Start of all client programs improved by optimized management of resources

#5142   New merge fields added: %I for image type and %G for session name

#5144   3D WebViewer: New Option for sending emails directly

#5148   Module Sim3D: Common rotation axis of for multi selected skelettal objects

#5149   Module Sim3D: Individualized 3D views can be included in print forms

#5156   Module BondingTray: New bracket socket options added for better grip and manufacturing