OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.110 Build 281 - Amazon

Released: 02-10-2018 07:55 CET

Changes in this build

#3470   Export 3D: print preprocessing OnyxPrePrint: Stability improved for invalid elements

#3648   3D-Views: Camera focus centred onto surface point picked by ALT+right click

#3825   3D-Labeling: Text on top can now be better placed inside arch

#3863   Module Aligner 3D: Mesh improves in attachment designer for optimal 3D printing process

#3882   Module Add Image 3D: Panel object options displayed correct again for volume data

#3934   3D WebViewer: Option for file upload ".htaccess" now available in system options

#4059   Module V.T.O.3D: Mandible movement uses jaw rotation axis for movement interpolation between malocclusion and treatment goal

#4257   Modules FA_Bonding, Wire_Bonding, Aligner 3D, CA-Smart: Auto aligning brackets/attachment improved

#4296   Export 3D: Function trim planes now als applies for other objects (e.g. to trim trays for vertical 3D printing)

#4395   Module Digitize 3D: Individual 3D standard view option now available

#4420   Module Add Image 2D: Image alignment adjusted for image type modification on different max. image size settings

#4481   Modules FA-Bonding, Aligner 3D: View update restricted to used landmarks

#4489   Module Digitize 3D: Option [Show Poin Name at Mouse Position]

#4543   Module FA-Bonding: Bracket base to crown distance can be modified by INI entry GlueGap in section [FABonding]

#4553   Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Multiple tooth movement limitation tables can be managed

#4572   Module Add Image 3D: DICOM Import: FIR filter reviewed

#4666   Module V.T.O.3D: Bolton ration calculation in jaw panels [Maxilla] and [Mandible] ignores extracted or missing crows

#4722   Module FA_Bonding: 3D navigators updated

#4773   System options - Tab |Sessions|: Warning for renaming image and session types. Default names can be restored.

#4881   OnyxReport: Display of treatment goal views for virtual models reviewed and modified

#4896   Module Sim3D: OcclusionFinder - new tool to find optimal occlusion (only available for "blue" planning steps)

#4899   Module Digitize: XML export option for eLearning system added

#4904   Module V.T.O.3D: IPR adjustment: Bolton ratio calculation regards width of missing teeth more reliable

#4916   Module Aligner 3D: New copy features from - to specific or all steps added to step context menu

#4922   Module Sim3D: Free rotation centre now also for multiple object selection possible

#4923   Module Sim3D: Notes handled correctly on step deletion

#4928   Modul V.T.O.3D: Objects in object list can be unselected by left mouse click

#4930   Module Sim3D|Register: Zoomen während der Volumenselektion ermöglicht

#4934   All 3D-Modules: Presets for 3D object options can now be edited and assigned by panel context menu

#4935   Print menu: Alinement of multiple print objects corrected

#4936   Print menu: Function [Search] does not deactivate buttons [Delete] and [Patch] any longer

#4938   3D WebViewer: Extended fonts supported now

#4939   All planning modules 3D: Function Quick save for projects (CTRL+S/+L) and Undo/Redo (CTRL+Z/Y) implemmented

#4939   All planning modules 3D with projects: AutoSave can be controlled by local INI setting

#4939   Module Sim3D: Autosave performed by default each 60 seconds

#4941   Print editor: Mouse wheel function corrected in print editor and preview

#4942   Module V.T.O.3D: Tracing and findings comparison take care on modified m/d tooth sizes and extractions

#4944   Container Upload: Receiver address double checked before sending

#4949   Module Sim3D: Undo (CTRL+Z) und Redo (CTRL+Y oder CTRL+SHIFT+Z) implemented for all project modifications

#4949   Module Sim3D: Druckeinstelllungen werden in Projektdaten gespeichert

#4956   Module Add Image 3D: New option for high quality scan data reduction

#4956   Export 3D: print preprocessing OnyxPrePrint: File size can be reduced now while keeping high mesh quality

#4957   Print-/Presentation editor: Translation image type selection corrected

#4958   Module V.T.O.3D: New jaw rotation features on mandible arc icon menu: rotation by axis

#4959   OnyxSync: Bug 'Gender_id' fixed

#4960   Tab |Recycle Bin|: Final image removal fro recycle bin for large data amounts improved

#4964   Main window OnyxCeph³™: Help menu top right: [License] [Release] [Support] [Language] always visible

#4965   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Jaw axis can now be modified and used for occlusal adjustment

#4967   Tab |Images / 3D Data| - Layout/function of button icon button [Combine 3D] modified

#4968   VDDS media: Interface reads/writes settings SUPPORTTHUMNAILS and SUPPORTTHUMBNAILS

#4968   VDDS Info Import: Thumbnails are always looked for, ignoring the SUPPORTTHUMNAILS setting of the IMS

#4970   Module Aligner 3D: Single steps can take over planning situation from saved V.T.O.3D findings

#4973   All module with projects: Time stamp displayed for saved projects and presets in related Load/Save windows dialogs

#4974   Print-/Presentation editor: Tracing alignment on landmarks corrected

#4978   Patient list: Case sensitivity for Umlauts ignored

#4979   3D-Views: All 3D bitmap textures are reduced to a maximum of.4096 pixel per side on import

#4981   Module FA_Bonding: Robust calculation of surface normal direction for bracket placement

#4981   Module FA-Bonding: Jaw specific check of correct orientation i relation to Z direction

#4981   Module FA_Bonding: Bracket placement by view now identical for right click and drag&drop

#4982   System options | Interfaces: Jaw axis corrected for ZZ scanners ATRI 300/600

#4985   Tab |Forms|: Waring when overwriting form names

#4987   Container Export: Extraktion of images from presentation tested for plausibility

#4994   Export 3D: Panel [Additional objects]: Cutting line ca be included as an aid for manufacturing

#4995   Window Image Type Assignment for Ivoris analyse - OnyxCeph³™ conversion recreated

#5001   All Onyx client programs: GUI optimized

#5006   Module Wire_Bonding: Error "Bad 3D Point" on module start fixed

#5007   OnyxSync: Projects associated to findings included in synchronisation

#5018   OnyxRegister: License status Test and Expired reviewed

#5020   All 3D Views: 100% view 2D/3D: Manual calibration window displayed in case no value returned by the system

#5026   Presentation: Cancellation of full screen print job handled correctly

#5028   Module Cast Adjust 3D: Bug for undefined plane position fixed

#5029   Module V.T.O.3D: Editor for table [Limts of tooth movements] reviewed

#5030   Module Add Image 3D: DICOM Windowing reviewed, Mirror (Z) only available for 3D import

#5032   Module Digitize 2D: Tracing updated correctly after vertical re-adjustment

#5033   Module V.T.O 3D: Fast forward in time line activated, animation colors optimized

#5035   All 3D planning modules: Deleted projects not longer displayed up in document tree

#5036   Export 3D. print preprocessing: 3D clipping of hollowed models more robust now

#5037   Module Wire_Bonding: 2D crown navigator reviewed.

#5041   Module BracketErase (BETA): New function [Replace complete tooth] - to replace teeth with bands

#5044   Module Adjust Image 3D: Maximized 3D view panel restored correctly after switching modules

#5050   All 3D Modules with projects: Current project name displayed in status bar