OnyxCeph³™ 3.1.95 Build 260

Released: 16-05-2012 14:34 CET

Changes in this build

#1116   Global settings template for client configuration available

#1352   Image import template (Galleries) can be saved as Presentation in Image Adjust

#1396   Object groups are evaluated correctly for linked 3D views in parallel full screen

#1468   Ranking IDs not longer adjusted automatically for primary images of each image type

#1510   Save as finding in module Trays (3D) reviewed

#1705   Tab Online: Homepage replaced by Onyx-Newsletter

#1848   Segmentation: Query implemented before colorizing synthetic surface mesh regions

#1869   Reset-to-origin behaviour for 3D data adjusted between image data import and image data re-adjustment

#1916   Bracket library completed - "sqrt domain error" removed

#1920   Position reset for 3D objects in full screen reviewed

#1920   OnyxReport: Navigator and 3D-Control unlinked

#1948   Virtual Setup: landmarks are saved when setup is saved "As Finding"

#1950   When aligning casts in module Align, now only the mandible is displaced against the fixed maxilla

#1968   3D View: coordinates of guide lines are displayed by a mouse over hint

#1968   Some modifications and improvements on module Virtual Setup as recommended by The University of Ulm

#1977   Print editor features for 2D superimposition adjusted

#2013   3D Combine - Voxel data are also save when saved "As Finding"

#2035   Printing activated for 3D multi panel views

#2035   Bracket-Positioner: bracket list is reset on closing Positioner module

#2053   OnyxReport: Views are saved before switching

#2054   Panel position now updated in module Adjust 3D

#2055   Adjusting 3D objects in slides corrected

#2057   Server Setup: customized database folders are analyzed now

#2058   Single images can now be saved as single files in several image file formats w/o session folder structure

#2063   Tab Patient: display of semicolon-separated Unicode text corrected

#2063   3D base trays are managed in the database now

#2064   OnyxReport optimized and corrected for 3D objects

#2065   delete containers from FTP deactivated for receiver

#2066   3D landmarks updated on reset position of 3D objects

#2068   Virtual Setup: user interface modifications to ease application

#2069   Changing image data on tab Tab Images adjusted

#2072   Onyx Registration: Payment options reviewed and completed by payment method PayPal

#2076   Bug in saving email attachments corrected

#2078   New database fields 'Salutation' and 'Internal Patient ID' implemented

#2082   Image import: Select and Delete corrected (multi selection 3D) corrected

#2085   OnyxServer: New database fields for salutation and internal patient ID added in address table

#2085   New columns "Salutation" and "internal patient ID" added to patient selection list

#2086   Report and Container window is scalable now

#2087   DBSWin error (loading images) removed

#2088   Problem with backup for multiple clients resolved

#2088   Backup skips defect files - log file activated

#2090   Server Setup: UTF-8-coded folder names for Global Pictures supported

#2095   Bracket Positioner: object list updated when bracket deleted from selection list

#2096   Image import improved

#2097   CSV export option for analyses tables added to superimposition module 2D

#2099   Renaming option implemented for slides on tab |presentation|

#2100   Image date taken over by container import

#2110   Bracket Positioner: Error message by reloading bracket selection removed

#2115   Module Trays reviewed

#2116   Switching within and between 1-4-6-panel views (3D) modified acc. to recommendation by (University of Bern)