Welcome at OnyxCeph³™


OnyxCeph³™ is a powerful client/server Windows application with SQL database for  processing of 2D and 3D image records in dental institutions – in particular for image-based diagnostics, treatment planning and patient education in general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology and maxillo-facial surgery.  Moreover, OnyxCeph³™ supports effective exchange of diagnostic and therapeutic information between referring and treating doctors, between doctors and laboratories as well as between doctor and patient.  The optionally available statistics module allows statistical analyses as per selectable criteria spanning several practices.


OnyxCeph³™ can import, store, manage and evaluate treatment-relevant 2D and 3D image records.  For this a consistent evaluation concept is applied that treats the information gathered by different methods as individual reproduction of the issue to be analyzed.  This allows the parallel and consistent use of traditionally established methods and new technologies within one and the same system.


OnyxCeph³™ manages all data practice - and patient related in an efficient SQL database.  The program can be used on stand-alone computers (e.g. on a notebooks or on a desktop PC at home) or in networks with central database on a server or with a computer serving as database server.  Provided that the database server is unequivocally addressed and data transfer is adequately fast using the program via internet is also possible.  


This manual includes general, technical, and application information  for the OnyxCeph³™ software package independent . A functional description of single parts and modules of the main application OnyxCeph³™ can be found in section User Interface.



Intended Medical Purpose:


Stand alone software OnyxCeph³™, developed, placed on the marked and put into service by Image Instruments is intended to be used for the medical purpose of managing and diagnostically evaluating two-dimensional and three-dimensional images in the framework of dental applications by qualified staff only.

Diagnostic and therapeutic decisions can not be motivated exclusively or even mainly on evaluation results provided by the software.


The intended medical purpose requires a correct registration and activation of the software by the user.

Unauthorized trial versions can only be used to become familiar with the application acc. to its user interface and functionality but do not represent a medical product so far.