Print Editor


Print forms comprise pre-defined arrangements of measurement, planning, and other patient-related information for printable documentation.  These can be saved in the database or, by virtual PDF printer, stored as electronic document.



Icon Bar Print Objects

Cursor Mode Add Finding Image ¹

Cursor Mode Add Text Field ¹

Cursor Mode Add Table ²

Cursor Mode Add Letterhead

Cursor Mode Add Logo ¹

Cursor Mode Add Harmony Box ²

Cursor Mode Add Facial Growth Diagram ²

Cursor Mode Add Rectangle ²


¹ ì see: Gallery Editor                ² ì see: Presentation Editor  



Adding a letterhead object results in the letterhead pre-formatted in the |Print| tab being inserted as text field at the respective position of the layout.  The display options of the letterhead field can be set analogous to usual text fields in the properties dialog.  The object's size and position can be adjusted via Drag&Drop of its frame or by the parameters of the properties dialog.