Media Editor


The tree structures with example images and animations (Media) generated by the Media Editor can be used for patient education in the |Presentation| tab's subordinate |Media| tab.


By the help of the [New Tree Structure] icon button of the subordinate |Media| tab you define the new structure's name that is to appear in the drop-down select list.  Via icon button |Edit Tree Structure| the edit mode is opened.  It shows further icons above the media tree.  These icons allow designing the media tree's structure as well as loading of images and animations for the separate branches.





Icon Bar Media editor


Add New Branch


Edit Selected Branch: Add New Image | New Animation


Delete Selected Branch


Move Selected Branch to the Left


Move Selected Branch Up


Move Selected Branch Down


Move Selected Branch to the Right

Duplicate clicking on a branch allows editing its name.  The icon button |Save Tree Structure| saves the current status of the tree in the database.